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A script that declares a spell cast by the enemy.

Returns: Void


_ENEMY_DECLARE_SPELL(name, name_internal, bonus, cutin, ds, surv)


Name Value Significance
name <string> The name of the spell.
name_internal <string> The "internal" name of the spell, i. e. how the game will refer to the spell.
bonus <integer> The spell card bonus.
cutin <sprite> The cutin to use.
ds <ds_map> The ds_map where spell card data is stored during play. It is recommended to use global._SPELL_MAP_TEMP.
surv <boolean> true: The declared spell is a survival card. false: The declared spell isn't a survival card.


Create an instance of _SPELL_CARD_TEXT_E and _CUTIN_OBJECT. Set their _SPELL_NAME and sprite respectively. Set global._SPELL_BONUS to bonus. Call _UPDATE_SPELL_ATTEMPTS() for ds and name_internal.
Set global._SURVIVAL_CARD to surv.