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A script that creates a particle effect with a given sprite and a given disappearing condition.

Returns: Void


_DRAW_CREATE_DISAPPEARING_PARTICLE(px, py, spr, dpt, alrm, surf)


Name Value Significance
px <integer> The X-coordinate to create at.
py <integer> The Y-coordinate to create at.
spr <sprite> The sprite to use.
dpt <integer> The depth to create the particle at.
alrm* <integer> The amount of time before the particle should disappear.
surf* <surface> The surface that should be used as the draw target for the particle.
dspr <boolean> true: The particle's sprite is a dynamically generated resource. false: The particle's sprite is a pre-loaded resource.

*Can be set to noone for the script to ignore it.


If alrm is not set to noone, create an instance of _DISAPPEARING_PARTICLE_ALARM (else just _DISAPPEARING_PARTICLE) with the given parameters.