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A script that fires a ring of bullets.

Returns: id's of the delay clouds that are going to create the bullets. (Integer Array)


_BULLET_CREATE_RING(bx, by, angle, spd, delay_am, delay_fanim, delay_sanim, accel, max_spd, amount, obj, sangl, spr, deff)


Name Value Significance
bx <integer> The X-coordinate to fire the bullets from.
by <integer> The Y-coordinate to fire the bullets from.
angle <integer(0-359)> The starting direction of the ring.
spd <integer> The bullets' movement speed.
delay_am <real> The delay before firing the bullets (accepts negative values).
delay_fanim <sprite> The appearing animation of the delay cloud.
delay_sanim <sprite> The disappearing animation of the delay cloud.
accel <real> The bullets' acceleration.
max_spd <integer> The bullets' maximum/minimum movement speed.
amount <integer> The amount of bullets within the ring.
obj <object> The bullet to fire. (Must inherit from _ENEMY_BULLET_PARENT or the bomb immune version of it)
sangl <boolean> true: The bullets' sprites will rotate to match it's direction of movement. false: The bullets' sprites will not rotate regardless of movement direction.
spr <sprite> The sprite to use for the bullets.
deff <sprite> The sprite of the particle to create when the bullets are destroyed.


Call _BULLET_CREATE() for each angle withing the ring incrementing by 360 / amount.