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A script that fires a single bullet without any delay.

Returns: id of the created bullet. (Reference to Object)


_BULLET_CREATE_INSTANT(bullet, e_x, e_y, dir, spd, accel, max_spd, sangl, spr, deff)


Name Type Significance
bullet* Reference to Object The bullet to fire.
e_x Integer The X-coordinate to fire the bullet from.
e_y Integer The Y-coordinate to fire the bullet from.
dir Integer The direction to fire the bullet in.
spd Integer The bullet's movement speed.
accel Float The bullet's acceleration.
max_spd Integer The bullet's maximum/minimum movement speed.
sangl Boolean Whether or not the bullet's sprite should rotate along with the bullet as it changes direction.
spr** Reference to Sprite The bullet's sprite.
deff** Reference to Sprite The sprite of the particle to create when the bullet is destroyed.

*Can be set to noone for the script to create an instance of _ENEMY_BULLET_PARENT instead.

**Can be set to noone for the script to ignore them.