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A script that creates a curvy laser.

Returns: id of the head of the laser. (Reference to Object)


_BULLET_CREATE_CURVY_LASER(cx, cy, spd, cdir, lrad, len, sprb, sprf, segc, segci)


Name Type Significance
cx Integer The X-coordinate to fire the laser from.
cy Integer The Y-coordinate to fire the laser from.
spd Integer The laser's movement speed.
cdir Integer The laser's direction.
len Non-negative Integer The delay between the individual movements of the head and tail of the laser.
sprb* Reference to Sprite The background sprite of the laser.
sprf* Reference to Sprite The foreground sprite of the laser.
segc** Positive Integer The amount of points on the bezier curve representing the laser.
segci** Positive Integer The amount of times the given sprites should be drawn in between each point.

*See _CURVY_LASER_HEAD_PARENT for limitations regarding these.

**Can be set to noone for the script to ignore them.