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The object that controls the spell card bonus and draws it after a spell card is finished.


Name Type Significance
_DRAW_TRIGGER Boolean Whether or not a spellcard has ended on the current frame.
_DRAWING Boolean Whether or not the gained bonus is being drawn currently.
_SBONUS Non-negative Integer The value to draw while _DRAWING.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 Declare local variables. Declare global._SPELL_BONUS and global._SURVIVAL_CARD.
Alarm 0 1 Stop drawing the gained spell card bonus.
Step 1 If the spell card bonus is positive and the ongoing card isn't a survival card, decrease the bonus, making sure it doesn't go below 0. If the gained spell bonus should start being drawn, start drawing it and set Alarm 0.
Draw 1 If drawing, draw the gained spell card bonus or "BONUS FAILED" if said bonus is not higher than 0.