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The object through which the player can save replays.


Name Type Significance
_CAN_SAVE Boolean Whether or not the player is able to save a replay. (i.e. whether they've used continues on that playthrough)
_SELECTED Non-negative Integer The selected option inside the menu.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 Declare local variables.
Draw 1 If the player can save a replay, draw the menu for it (a simple yes/no selection). If not, draw a prompt telling them they can't save one.
Press Left Arrow 1 Move the selection to the left if possible.
Press Right Arrow 1 Move the selection to the right if possible.
Press Z-Key 1 If the player can't or doesn't wish to save a replay, return to the title screen. Otherwise, prompt them to select/create a file and write the contents of global._REPLAY_DATA into that file before returning to the title screen.