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The object that is responsible for controlling replay playback. (it is advised to read about _REPLAY_RECORDER first to understand the replay file format)


Name Value/Default Significance
_REPLAY <buffer> The buffer that all of the data for the replay is read from.
_CURR_EVENT_INTEGER <integer(0-255)>/0 The integer that details the states of various inputs during the current frame.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 Prompt the user to open a replay file, proceed if they do open one. Set local variables to default values. Load the values from the replay header and declare the global._REPLAY_EV... variables.
Begin Step 1 Read a byte from the buffer and update the global._REPLAY_EV... variables accordingly.
End Step 1 Set the global._REPLAY_EV..._P variables to their non _P equivalents so the two can be compared next frame to detect input state changes.