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The object that updates the high-score list.


Name Type Significance
_NAME_CONFIRMING Boolean Whether or not the player has finished inputting their desired name onto the scoreboard (if applicable) and is being prompted to confirm it.
_PLAYER_NAME String The name to associate with the achieved high-score.
_DRAWING_COLOR Color The color to draw the row containing the achieved high-score.
_SELECTED Non-negative Integer The selected option inside the confirmation menu.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 If the player is in stage/spell practice mode, immediately move to the replay saving prompt. Otherwise, reinitialize global._DATA_MAP if the file "score.dat" doesn't exist, declare local variables.
Draw 1 Draw the table that contains the scores inside global._DATA_MAP. If the player is inside the confirmation menu, draw it too.
Press <any key> 1 If the player is inside the confirmation menu, either change the selection or save the results (also copying global._SPELL_MAP_TEMP into global._DATA_MAP) and initiate a replay save prompt. Otherwise, update _PLAYER_NAME.
Release <any key> 1 Update _PLAYER_NAME if the player isn't inside the confirmation menu.