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The object that controls the anything related to continues.


Name Value/Default Significance
_TRIGGER_LOCK <boolean>/false true: The game should stop and enter the continue menu. false: The game should continue normally.
_SELECTED <integer>/0 The selected menu option at the time of access.
_INIT_LIVES <integer>/global._LIVES The amount of lives to give the player upon them continuing.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 Set local variables to default values. Declare global._CONTINUES.
Begin Step 1 If the game should enter the continue menu, deactivate everything except self and _CONTROLLER_BASE. Tell _CONTROLLER_BASE to draw the game surface as it was at the time of player death, enter the continue menu. If the player is out of continues, move on to the results room.
Press Up Arrow 1 Move the selection upwards.
Press Down Arrow 1 Move the selection downwards.
Press Z-Key 1 Either continue the game or move on to the results room depending on the selection made.