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The parent object for stage enemies.


Name Value/Default Significance
_HEALTH <integer>/0 The amount of health the enemy has remaining.
_PATH <path>/noone The path that the enemy is following, if noone, the enemy isn't following a path.
_DEATH_EFF <sprite>/noone The sprite to create a particle out of upon the enemy's death.
_ITEMS <object array>/noone The array that stores objects to be created when the enemy dies (usually items).
_UNTARGETABLE <boolean>/false true: The enemy is untargetable and cannot be affected by player shots (but will also not damage the player upon collision). false: The enemy will collide with and take damage from player shots normally.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 Set local variables to default values.
Alarm[11] 1 Clear the red tint that appears upon taking damage.
Begin Step 1 Check for collision with _PLAYER_BULLET_PARENT and _BOMB_PARENT. Upon either, if not untargetable reduce health by the required amount, give self a red tint, sets Alarm[11] to an arbitrary value, and increase the player's score upon former. Then check for collision with _HITBOX_OBJECT, if there is collision and the enemy is not untargetable, set off the players deathbomb timer if they aren't dead or immune.
End Step 1 If own health is below zero, create any items present within _ITEMS. Create a disappearing particle with the sprite designated by _DEATH_EFF, before destroying itself. Destroy self if outside of bounds regardless.