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The parent object for stage enemies.


Name Value/Default Significance
_HEALTH Integer The amount of health the enemy has remaining.
_PATH Reference to Path The path that the enemy is following. If set to noone, the enemy isn't following a path.
_DEATH_EFF Reference to Sprite The sprite to create a particle out of upon the enemy's death.
_ITEMS Object Reference Array The array that stores objects to be created when the enemy dies (usually items).
_UNTARGETABLE Boolean Indicates whether the enemy will interact with the player's shots and bombs. If set to true, player shots and bombs will pass through the enemy, and the player will not take damage on collision with the enemy.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 Declare local variables.
Alarm 11 1 Clear the red tint that appears upon taking damage.
Step 1 Check for collision with the player, the player's bullets and their bombs. If the enemy is meant to interact with them, perform appropriate action if collision is found.
End Step 1 If own health is below zero, destroy self, creating the objects inside _ITEMS and a particle based on the death effect.