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The parent object for enemy bullets.


Name Value/Default Significance
_ACCEL_AMOUNT <real>/0 The number that the bullets movement speed is to increase by each step.
_MAX_SPEED <integer>/0 The maximum/minimum speed the bullet is allowed to move at.
_DEAD <boolean>/false true: The bullet is to be destroyed. false: The bullet shouldn't be destroyed. (at the time of access)
_DEATH_EFF <sprite>/noone The sprite to create a particle out of when the bullet is destroyed.
_SYNC_ANGLE <boolean>/true true: The bullet's sprite will rotate according to the direction the bullet is moving in. false: The bullet's sprite will not rotate regardless of which diretion it's moving in.


Trigger # Actions
Create 1 Set local variables to default values.
Step 1 Call _UPDATE_IMAGE_ANGLE() depending on _SYNC_ANGLE. Increase speed according to acceleration. Destroy self and create a particle with the sprite designated by _DEATH_EFF and create a _SCORE_ITEM if _DEAD.
Collide with _BOMB_PARENT 1 Call _DESTROY_BULLET().
Collide with _HITBOX_OBJECT 1 If the player isn't already dead or immune, set off their deathbomb timer and call _DESTROY_BULLET().