GMTE: Beta 1.0 Release

Posted May 14th, 2021

we've finally transitioned out of alpha stage, with the thing i aim to focus this engine the most around which is (hopefully!!) easy and intuitive customization.

while this update took a little bit longer to get out than i would have liked, due to a mix of personal reasons and GMS1.4 blend modes being somewhat obtuse, i'm still not too far behind what can be considered a normal pace for most of these updates (though i'm trying to make that normal pace a bit faster ^^"). i do hope that adding these (admittedly at least somewhat useful) features isn't complicating use of the engine for anyone. i can't stress this enough, but do contact me (post in the thread or pm me on MoTK) if you find something isn't simple/intuitive enough to use or the documentation doesn't explain something clearly enough.
since we're in beta i might start that video series i talked about a few months back. if/when that happens i'll start putting the links on the MoTK thread and probably make a one-time post here, until next time