GMTE: Alpha 2.3 Release

Posted March 1st, 2021

hello everyone, the dedicated GMTE replay code writer here. i'd already explained what exactly went wrong with these on the forum post i'd made not too long ago, so i'll avoid repeating myself.

while this update is technically big, there's not too much to talk about here. i had decided to add stage/spell practice so that this wouldn't be the second time replays were the main focus (but at least they're off my back for the foreseeable future), and i think that they do the job despite the new spell ID system potentially being daunting at first. however, these posts aren't used to discuss the technical sides of GMTE, i'll just make it quick and give a quick roadmap for the next few versions, in no particular order:

-make practice runs replayable (intended to be in this update, cut due to time constraints)
-more convenience scripts similar to the player ID one
-curvy lasers

once all this is implemented, we are probably good to go on a beta release. see you then