GMTE: Alpha 1.7 Release

Posted May 18th, 2020

this tri-monthly update brings to you at last loose lasers. they're still not finished though, i've yet to implement death particles so they just kind of poof out of existence when they get cleared, and also (i think that this is an issue with GMS' texture paging, someone correct me if i'm wrong) they sometimes have weird garbage graphics drawn next to them, but i've only had this happen a few times and it's very inconsistent in general. if you are experienced in using GMS 1.4 and know of a fix, hit me up on MoTK. not many things other than this added, just survival cards and some streamlining related to delay clouds and particles. i've also cleaned the documentation up by removing unnecessary information and fixing typos and such.

now that summer's rolling around and i probably won't be travelling many places, i'll hopefully be able to deliver at least one or two extra updates during said vacation time. this one was supposed to come out earlier in fact, but i'm sure i don't need to tell you what messed my schedule up.

as always, thank you for keeping in touch, until next time