Oddity Crisis Afterthoughts

Posted January 20th, 2020

how's it going lads, i'm writing this just to give some final notes on this mess that i couldn't be bothered to write on release night. there are several things i wished to add but didn't have any time to (more characters, actual cutscenes instead of that braindead text file, possibly procgen stuff in order to resemble ZHP more, items etc. etc.), but alas.
don't be mistaken, i'm not writing this just to whine about not having as much time as most others, i'm still somewhat proud of what i managed (other than that one game-breaking bug i won't tell you about), and this is mainly gonna be me talking about some of my thought processes i had during development.

first and foremost, no pixel art because i actually had time to make graphics this time around, so all of the sprites are super-downscaled low-detail drawings. the grass and water tiles are just random scribbles with 500 filters applied to them, and most of the effects had many shortcuts taken with them. the audio quality is low because i think i selected the wrong compression option in game maker (?) but i'll tell you that it's to fit with the low-detail art style. :)

the different areas were designed with the intentions of fast player learning, with the spirit for example being placed far away in the first area so that the player would learn all three main things about it. (1) it can attack from a range, (2) it deals more damage than the rocks that the player has undoubtably gotten hit by, and since they'll hopefully try their only ranged attack against them, (3) they die instantly when hit by a yin-yang.
the boss was designed to make the player use all of their skills at least once, and is largely based off the player trying different combinations of actions and eventually figuring out what works (for the optimal challenge: beat it without moving at all after it moves for the first time).

overall i hope i win