GMTE: Alpha 1.5 Release

Posted February 21st, 2020

couple of miscellaneous things before i begin: switched domain to a neocities one because the previous one had a couple glitches, and added an rss feed for easy notifications (you can subscribe to it on the devblog main page).

not a lot of things added in this version, the only two notable features being the dialogue system and spell card capture history. the rest is just a bunch of cleanup and optimization, which only really took long because i procrastinated worked very hard to make sure everything worked properly and spent a lot of time debugging. still no lasers, though. i'll actually dedicate myself to working on them from here on out and for all i know the next version changelog could simply read "added lasers".

in any case, we're getting closer and closer to a beta version, so i hope that all zero people who follow this blog enjoy and give any feedback that the may have to "deice" on MoTK (but i might add a better way of communication at some point).