GMTE: Alpha 2.0 Release

Posted December 15th, 2020

release because replays are finally out? i wish
try as i might, the traditional approach doesn't work. i can get rid of any potential desync that i know of (keyboard events, collision, timelines) but the random number generator just seems to go rogue for indeterminate periods of time. the only thing left is to memorize the parameters bullet patterns and store them somewhere, thus getting rid of the need for reliance on RNG altogether when it comes to bullets (as it seems to be fine for just about anything else, though items may have to be preloaded in this way too). while i could've tried to implement something like that, i'm already horrendously behind schedule. do bear with me please ^^;

it did lead me to discover some game maker jank that i now know to avoid such as timelines in general and using the exit keyword too liberally, so there's that i suppose

however, every other potential issue is eliminated so i probably won't spend as much time banging my head against a wall attempting to fix them, meaning you can expect more new features in the next version (probably only an update or two away from a beta at this point). the stars of the show this time around are anchored lasers, dialogue choices, implementation of functionality that allows multiple bosses at once, and the removal of the need to copy the same for loop a thousand times when generating an array of items upon spawning an enemy. i also cleaned up some garbage leftover data thus reducing the file size, and made the documentation a lot better.

i'm thinking of eventually starting to publish a video series on how to recreate existing patterns from touhou games in GMTE, do pm me on MoTK under "deice" if you think this is a terrible idea (i take silence as agreement), stay tuned