GMTE: Alpha 2.0 Pre-Release

Posted August 29th, 2020

pre-release cause replays are still half-broken but i still wanna get a version out with all the cool, working features before school starts and i get a lot less free time.

main things in this build are large amounts of streamlining and QOL regarding bullets and particle effects. i made a special file format for replays that's pretty compact, but since only the recording part of the replays is functional, i'll refrain from going into too much detail (check the documentation yo). i'm going to try to get replays working by the end of the year as when 2.0 is out there will be only 1 or 2 versions separating us from beta.

pm me on MoTK under "deice" for questions, concerns, or if you can offer help with the replay system QAQ