GMTE: Alpha 1.3 Release

Posted November 18th, 2019

hello once again, people. i apologize for this somewhat long hiatus, but i was unable to work on GMTE until september (but even then i procrastinated a little so you can blame me after all i guess). this new version covers a few of the things i've been meaning to add, but some important features are still missing. all of those should be added by the time alpha 2.0 rolls around, so keep your heads high. the detailed changelog can be found on the GMTE home page.

speaking of which, the documentation has also undergone a major overhaul visually and content-wise. i'm sure you'll find it much easier on the eyes and much easier to browse, so feel free to give it a look-see.

all feedback is appreciated and can be sent to "deice" on MoTK. also, if you don't wanna check this blog for a new post every so often, i'll probably introduce an RSS feed by the time the next post rolls around.