GMTE: First Alpha Release

Posted July 5th, 2019

hey there lads, it's finally here after months of work, the first release of GMTE! there's a bunch of stuff that's missing from it (which is why it's an alpha release, not a finished product), but a basic game can still be made from the resources provided which should be enough to release it to hakurei expo i think.

some of the things that i plan to add as soon as i can that are actually pretty important are: lasers (can't believe i didn't get around to this), dialogue between the player and whoever else, a replay system and high scores. some things i plan to improve are parts of the code that aren't generalized enough by default (objects targetting _REIMU instead of global._PLAYER for example), combining the _ENEMY_CREATE branch of scripts into one, and enabling the player to interact with a bullet after it's been created by something other than _BULLET_CREATE_INSTANT().

also there's obviously the documentation. it's super ugly to look at and hard to read, not to mention it doesn't tell you everything it should, such as which objects access any given global variable, etc. etc. so that's definitely one of my priorities once i return from vacation.

regardless i hope people test it out and tell me what works and what doesn't (even though my responses will be limited for a while), and i hope i can actually make something that people are gonna enjoy using. the FAQ is located on the main page for the engine site, and for anything else you can pm "deice" on MoTK.