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small miscellaneous stuff that i'm likely not too proud of

(art above by hiro on pixiv)

a one-level 2d sidescrolling action platformer starring komachi. there's some collision issues here and there and the sprites are pretty bad, but other than that i like how the design of the level turned out quite a lot. i intended to continue adding stuff to it but never got around so it just kinda sits abandoned now


(art above by gaius on pixiv)

a short 2d sidescrolling platformer. play as parsee and experience a rushed, kinda cringeworthy story about human emotion. has less bugs but the sprites are still garbage.


(art above by smen1884 on deviantart)

effectively an unfinished tech demo of a zettai hero project clone. it works but the sound is badly compressed (oops lol) and there's not a whole lot to do. the art direction is passable this time though.